Welcome to my new Blog — Talking about ANY Kind of Writing

I’m just trying this blogging business out. I’m a creative anomoly–and no, that isn’t a sea shell with a striking iridescent purple interior–but it’s close, since abalone is knobbly and sort of ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside. So am I. Well, so is the range of writing that I produce. I’m a poet under one hat, and a skillful corporate writer under the other.

Go figger, eh? Like being an Arab race horse AND a Clydesdale……at the same time. Well, not really, not at the same time. I write poetry because that’s my passion, that’s what fuels me. I write, edit, rewrite any kind of business/corporate doc because I need $$ to sustain annoying habits like eating, drinking, driving a car, and heating the house. I’m an excellent business writer, honed by 17 years on Faculty in the Communication department at the BC Institute of Technology (10 years as a Dept. Head) and a wide range of writing contracts with corporate clients.

So this blog is all about poetry and corporate writing and everything in between. I figure it’s a good place for neophytes to ask questions, for more seasoned writers to exchange views (and offer a hand to less experienced writers), for people to pass interesting links back and forth, for poets to let us know about new books of their own and others, and to update us on readings and performance events–hey! you want to converse about ANYTHING to do with writing–I want this to be the place where you chat it up, learn, have fun, maybe post a piece of your work that’s got some problems. . . . . . You know!
We’re going to talk about writing.

Oh! . . . . and it’s a great place to retain me to bail you out of that corporate writing problem that’s driving you bonkers. I’m cheap and easy–but I make gold out of baser metals.

So say something! Eager to hear from you. What do you think of my fledgling blog so far? Don’t have the faintest idea what I’m doing, so advise in any way, at any time.